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Show 790 Friday 11 July

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today I’m going to talk about a song by an American singer and songwriter called Suzanne Vega. (I think that’s how you say it ...)

The song is called Tom’s Diner and it was written in 1981 – but apparently it didn’t actually become popular until it was remixed in 1990.

I think it’s a great one to study because it’s cool song and it’s also a story with some useful language that you can pick up.

It’s also brilliant for beginners, because a lot of the song is in the present simple and the present continuous.

I’ll read you the start of the song:

I am sitting

In the morning

At the diner

On the corner

I am waiting

At the counter

For the man

To pour the coffee

And he fills it

Only halfway

And before

I even argue

He is looking

Out the window

At somebody

Coming in


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, a woman in the UK is suing six newspapers after they ran stories based on her daughter's exaggerated claims about a party.

A 15-year-old English girl had a party at her parent’s holiday house in Spain.
She wrote about the party on her Bebo page, embellishing the story to make the party sound a lot wilder than it was.
Newspapers then picked up the story and now her mother is suing the newspapers.
The Independent said newspaper reports made the party sound like a riot of sex and wanton damage fuelled by under-age drinking that only ended when the police arrived.
In actual fact, the mother says, no alcohol was served or permitted; none of the guests took part in sexual acts; the police were not called; and only minor damage was caused to one of the doors.
Her lawyer said the case raised important issues of libel, privacy and copyright in relation to the unauthorized use of material taken from social networking sites.

And that was Stick News for Friday 11th of July.
Kia Ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is pretend.

This is a line from Tom’s Diner:

I'm pretending
Not to see them

act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not

I did a search for pretend and I found a blog post called: Four Ways To Pretend You’re Working

This was one of the suggestions: hunch over your keyboard, look intently at the screen, and put on a few facial expressions like worry and stress.

friday joke

What do you get if you cross an elephant and a rhino?


conversations with sarah
#488 What’s a diner?

Step 1: Repeat Michiru’s lines.
Step 2: Read Michiru’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Michiru What’s a diner?

Sarah Good question. I don’t really know. It’s an American word. I think it’s just another word for a restaurant. Hang on, I’ll look it up.
Diner, noun, especially AmE: a small, usually cheap restaurant

What do you call cheap restaurants in New Zealand?

Sarah Um. Well, when I grew up, in most small towns in New Zealand there were tearooms, fish and chip shops and Chinese takeaways.

Michiru How about now?

Sarah Now I think there are a lot of cafes.

Michiru What’s the difference between a café and a restaurant?

Sarah Well, I think it depends on the country, but in New Zealand a restaurant is usually ... more expensive and you can usually only go there if you’re having a meal – you can’t just go for a drink. But a café, you can go there just to have a drink, like a coffee, or you can have a meal as well. And it’s usually cheaper and more casual.

Michiru What are tearooms?

Sarah Well, my image of a tearoom in New Zealand, is like ... like, a really old fashioned café. Like, you can just buy a drink or you can also have a meal as well. But the food’s probably pretty bad, and they probably have drip coffee and lace tablecloths and fake flowers. They might not be like that, but that’s my image.


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Tom's Diner - original a cappella version (with explanation in the beginning)
Tom's Diner
Tom's Diner lyrics


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