Monday, December 17, 2007

Show 582 Sunday 16 December

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Sunday Kitchen #73 Mandarins

One of the great things about winter is ... mandarins.
If you love mandarins as much as I do, you should definitely buy a box.
Then you can eat a lot.

Let’s see what Wikipedia says about mandarins.

The mandarin is easily peeled with the fingers, starting at the thin rind covering the depression at the top of the fruit, and can be easily split into even segments without spilling juice.
This makes it convenient to eat, as one doesn't require utensils to peel or cut the fruit.

I usually peel mandarins like this.
But you can also peel them like this.

I usually just eat them by themselves.

But there are other things you can do with mandarins.
Like, put them in a blender with some vodka.
Mmmm. Yummy.


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1 comment:

anton said...

Italian version available. Me too I love mandarins. We have a lot of mandarins here in Sardinia, even a type of mandarin seedless that we call " Mandarancio" that in English you can translate as "Manda-orange"
Bye Anton