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Show 510 Tuesday 25 September

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

I’ve been doing a few interviews recently. I mean not me interviewing someone – but being interviewed for a change.
I did that interview before I left Nelson. And then yesterday I was interviewed by the editor of the student newspaper ... which I haven’t quite worked out how to pronounce. The athenaeum. Maybe.
I think that interview was for an article and also for their podcast.

I was actually on the cover of this paper last week, doing yoga of all things. I just happened go to that free class that they had when the yoga center opened and there was a photographer there. Anyway, I’m not going to show you that.

But I will show you this – I put a notice in their classified section to ask if anyone wants to help us out with The Daily English Show or answer a question on camera for the Asking Acadia section. I wonder if anyone will actually email me.

Also, today I got an email from someone at CBC – that stands for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. And they said they wanted to interview me. So we had a talk on the phone. And now I’m going to be on their afternoon show. So that’s going to be sometime between 4 and 6pm tomorrow – which is Wednesday the 26th of September.

Another thing that’s going on tomorrow is an election. It is the SRC By-Election Day. SRC stands for Students’ Representative Council.
And in today’s paper, you can see all the candidates in this newspaper.

There are many positions like:

Grad Class President
Grad Class Vice President
Councilor at Large ...

I don’t even know what that means. I thought it might be helpful if they published something describing a bit about what the jobs involved. But maybe everyone already knows.


Kia Ora in Stick News today, it’s election time at Acadia University. Tomorrow students will vote in the Students’ Representative Council by-election.

The Students’ Representative Council is the governing body of the Acadia Students’ Union.
Elections are held twice a year to choose the members of the council. There is a general election in February and a by-election in September.
Today the Acadia student newspaper published write-ups for each candidate in tomorrow’s election.
One student wrote this: “We’re coming to the pinnacle of our university careers at one of the best schools in the world. We should be united in spirit as a class, and give back to the school that has helped us grow together as a family.”
Another candidate shared her dream for the future: “I want nothing more than to return to Wolfville when I’m sixty and shake my broken old hips on the dance floor with my aging (and still amazing) friends and classmates”.
One person even wrote a poem: “I’ve got a lot to give and the only thing I lack, Is a last name that can be pronounced, and that is a fact”.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 25th of September.
Kia Ora.

Are you going to vote tomorrow?

Yes, I am.

Honestly, probably not. And only because um, it’s a lack of information I’m not aware of what they do. I’ve seen a lot of signs around, but nobody’s actually taken the time to explain to me what they do and what their roles are. So I can’t differentiate between candidates.

Oh, probably.

Um, no I guess. I don’t really know if there’s anything to vote about.


conversations with sarah
#315 What were people protesting about?

Step 1: Repeat Jarrod’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jarrod’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Jarrod Are student politics big at universities in New Zealand?

Sarah Yeah, at Vic they were because they had a big political science department. And it was the capital city. I think a lot of people interested in politics go to that university.

Jarrod Were you interested in politics?

Sarah Yeah, from a journalists perspective. Not to join in myself.

Jarrod Can you remember who the president was?

Sarah I think I remember what he looked like. I can’t remember his name. I remember people shouting stuff over loudspeakers.

Jarrod Shouting what?

Sarah Oh, there were often protest marches to parliament.

Jarrod What were people protesting about?

Sarah Usually fees.

Jarrod Too high?

Sarah Yeah.

Jarrod Did you go on any marches?

Sarah Yeah, a couple.


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