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Going to Canada 2007
Day 3: Taipei

Today we told the happy family manager about the leaking air-con. He told us it was leaking because it was old.
Fair enough.
He also gave us a towel to mop up the water. Problem solved. Sweet.

Today's lunch wasn't so great. The place that we went to didn't have pictures on the menu
so we just kind of randomly chose things. The thing I chose tuned out to be a pot full of fake meat. I really don't like fake meat.
I wasn't too keen on the decor either.

After lunch we found a nice cafe. The coffee was tasty and there was balcony with a nice view.

In the evening we decided to go and check out the tallest building in the world - Taipei 101.
We took the subway and I was impressed with how easy it was to navigate.
I saw some feedback forms, so I filled one out.

The area around Taipei 101 was quite different from the area around Taipei Main Station.
It was spacious, clean, quiet. It reminded me of Odaiba in Tokyo - pretty, but a little bit lifeless.

Inside Taipei 101 there were a lot of famous brand shops and lots of massive posters of Nicole Kidman's face.

It was a nice place. But it made me feel a bit poor and scruffy.

We found a Korean place on the ground floor and ate some ishiyaki bibimba. Very tasty.

There was a Japanese guide book in the hostel so we brought it with us and for the third night in a row tried to find somewhere to have a drink or two.

We followed the instructions in the book and the first place we found was this place called Mint.
But the bouncers were wearing suits and I didn't want to face the possible rejection so we didn't even try going in.

Next we found a place called Brown Sugar - there were no bouncers so we walked straight in.
It was a really nice place and they had live jazz. We sat at the bar and started talking to two guys. They were really cool. One of them was called Kevin. He said lived in the States for about 10 years.

This is the film of the band I took before a staff member came and said "no cameras".
As we were walking out I saw a big no camera sign and I also realized why we could even get in in the first place. It was because we had gone in the back way. If we'd gone in the front we'd have been rejected for sure.

We tried going to another club after this - but got turned away for inadequate footwear and a lack of ID. Which is fair enough.

We watched some skateboarders in the street and I looked in the free magazine we'd got at Brown Sugar and I saw that there was a bar nearby called The Tavern. I felt sure we wouldn’t be rejected from a bar called The Tavern.

The Tavern wasn't too bad. They had car navigation screens all along the bar. We played pool.

And then we took a taxi home.


artist: Jampy
album: Rain
track: Funky Duck Goes West
from: Napoli, Italy
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
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artist: Vate
album: Motor
tracks: Parabellum, Motor (remix por Minuit)
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
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