Saturday, January 20, 2007

#262 FM Niseko

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My first impression of FM Niseko wasn’t too hot.
I picked up some flyers when I arrived in Kutchan in November and I noticed there was a radio station going to start called FM Niseko. I wanted to listen to it, so we bought a radio. I checked out the website and saw they were going to have an opening event. We decided to go... but when we got there they turned us away at the door and said it was for invited people only. That was pretty sad. It brought back memories of being back in New Zealand and being turned away from clubs because the bouncers didn’t like my clothes, or hairstyle.
But I guess whoever maintains their website just didn’t realize how illogical it is to advertise an invite-only event.
Anyway, later that night as we were drowning our rejection sorrows at a bar in Kutchan we met two of the announcers. They were really nice and one of them invited me to come on her show as a guest.
Mimi’s show is called innocent coffee. It’s on weekday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:30. She has a guest every day.
I went along on Monday from 3 to 4. It was fun. We talked about The Daily English Show and studying English. And I also learnt a word of Hokkaido dialect. Nanmo nanmo means no worries or you’re welcome.
So I’d to thank FM Niseko for having me. All of the people I met there were really friendly and I enjoyed the experience. If you ever come to Niseko and you have a radio check out FM Niseko. It’s on 83.5.

EDIT (September 2007) : FM Niseko went bankrupt and is now off air.
Their old site was here - there is nothing there anymore.

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