Sunday, December 10, 2006

#221 Morioka Pockets

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You might remember back in show 190 when we were in Morioka we went to a bar with a big cat out the front of it. The bar’s name was Kin no Neko.
And the owner’s name was Kaoru.
He was a really cool guy. He made us something which I’d never eaten before.
Aburaage with natto inside.
They were really delicious so as soon as we found a place to live in Kutchan, I started making them.
I didn’t know if they had a name or not so I decided to call them Morioka Poketo (Morioka Pockets).
At first I thought they were Kaoru’s original creation ... but the other day I saw them on an izakaya menu so maybe they’re a northern Japan thing. Apparently they have a have but I can’t remember it.

I decided to add Nira. And it tasted really good.

So all you have to do to make Morioka Poketo is buy some aburaage which is fried tofu. It comes in different sizes so I bought 2 different sizes. Then mix the natto with soy sauce and nira.
Put it inside the tofu and then fry it in olive oil with salt pepper and chilli.
Mmmm. It’s pretty good.

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