Sunday, October 22, 2006

#172 Mochi

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#24 Mochi

This is the first book I bought in Japan.
It was when reading this book that I discovered something fascinating about the moon.
There are rabbits on the moon making mochi!
I was pretty happy to learn that this delicacy was also available on earth.
In Japan Mochi is a traditional new year food.
It is made by pounding rice with a wooden hammer.
Mochi you buy at the supermarket is made with a machine.
Mochi is very sticky. Every year some people die eating it when it gets stuck in their throat.
There are many ways you can eat mochi.
I usually just heat it up in a fry pan and eat it with nori and soy sauce.
Before it’s heated up it’s hard.
As it heats up it becomes soft and expands.
It’s delicious.

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Artist: fukufuku
Album: self-aaa
Track: 1→2→1’→2'
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