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sunday kitchen
#14 Hiyayako

Hiyayako is chilled tofu.
To make hiyayako you need:

1. Tofu
There are many kinds of tofu.
Today I bought this tofu at the supermarket.
It has yuzu in it. Yuzu is a kind of small citrus fruit.
This was more expensive than the tofu I usually buy. It was really delicious.

And you need:
2. Negi
If you look negi up in the dictionary it says: leek, spring onion, scallion, chives.
To me, negi looks like a cross between a leek and a spring onion. So I just call it negi.

And you need:
3. Ginger.
This ginger came to Tokyo all the way from Koichi prefecture in Shikoku.

And you need
4. Soy sauce.

First, open the packet.
Put the tofu into a bowl.
Put negi on the tofu.
Put some ginger on top.
Pour some soy sauce over it.
Now it’s ready to eat.

Music by Kenji Williams from New York, USA.
Used with permission from
From the album Epic.
Listen to the album or buy it here.
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