Saturday, July 11, 2009

#1087 Twenty More Things To Do With Your Face

Show 1087 Saturday 11 July
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shake your head
make a face
cry crocodile tears
blow your nose
hang your head
stroke your chin
wiggle your ears
puff up your cheeks
curl your tongue
scratch your nose
gnash your teeth
cock your head
bat your eyelashes
pucker up your lips


artist: Kevin MacLeod
tracks: Future Cha Cha, Sock Hop
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States
artist site

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Trần Mạnh Dũng said...

In Vietnamese:
- nod: gật đầu
- shake your head: lắc đầu
- flinch : nao núng
- make a face: nhăn mặt
- chatter: (run) lập cập
- quiver: run
- cry crocodile tears: khóc nức nở (nước mắt cá sấu)
- sniff : sụt sịt
- blow your nose: hỉ mũi
- hang your head: cúi đầu
- yawn: ngáp
- stroke your chin: vuốt cằm
- wiggle your ears: lắc tai
- puff up your cheeks: phùng má
- curl your tongue:
- scratch your nose: gãi mũi
- gnash your teeth: nhe răng (nghiến răng)
- cock your head:
- bat your eyelashes: chớp chớp mắt
- pucker up your lips: chu mỏ