Saturday, January 10, 2009

#933 Niseko Snowshoe Tour

Show 933 Saturday 10 January
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Last week I went on a snowshoe tour for the first time. I went on a tour with Scott Adventure Sports. The tour left at 9:30 in the morning and we drove to a national park.

Our guides Binod and Masa showed us how to put the snowshoes on.

And just put your feet … here. And you have to leave the, like, two finger space here.

Binod told us we were walking to a lake.

Hangetsuko means half moon. The lake shape looks like a half moon, that’s why we call Hangetsuko (半月湖).

He said we might see some animals.
If you are lucky you can see some animals.
Such as?


Polar bear?

No, no.

Genki ii na! (You’re really going for it)

Oh, oh, oh, back country!


When we got to the lake, Binod dug a hole.
Mmm, peace.

He made a cup of tea.

I’m making chai.

You know the chai?

Yes. Nepalese chai.


On the way back we took some photos under a tree.

We also had a snow shower.

OK, one, two, three …

There were some really nice people from Singapore on the tour. I asked them if they enjoyed it.

That was fantastic.
From a hot 30 degrees to a minus ten degree … yeah, it’s a wonderful adventure for us. Very good tour and very good tour leaders.
Very beautiful!

Yeah, very good companion here.
Fantastic! Cheers!


This tour was on Tuesday 30 December 2009.


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