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Show 559 Friday 23 November

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today I’d like to talk about Oprah. If you’re from Japan – or most other countries in the world - you’ve probably never heard of Oprah. But she’s really famous in the United States and in other English speaking countries.

Oprah is a television talk show host and her show is called The Oprah Winfrey Show.

In Wikipedia it says: it’s the highest-rated (I said ranked by accident) talk show in American television history.
And it says it’s currently the longest-running daytime television talk show in the United States, having run since September 1986 for over 22 seasons and 3,000 episodes.

So a lot of people watch her show so she has a lot of money and a lot of power to influence people. Maybe that’s why some people don’t like her. I’m not really sure why people don’t like her – feel free to leave a comment and explain.

I don’t remember ever seeing a whole show of hers – but I’ve seen bits of it and I’ve seen clips of her shows on her website. I quite like her style. I think she’s quite funny. Some of the topics I don’t think are that interesting – like cheesy fashion or plastic surgery. But some of the topics are interesting and I used to recommend those clips to my students in Tokyo.

Anyway, recently Oprah started a channel on YouTube. And most of the videos are just promotions for the show so they’re not that interesting. But there are a couple I thought were interesting – the one where she talks to Chad and Steve, the YouTube boys – and there’s also one of her talking to the Evolution of Dance guy. He seems like a really cool guy.

Evolution of Dance is the most viewed video ever on YouTube by the way. It’s been viewed over 65 million times ... So if you’re one of the few people who hasn’t seen it yet, you should check it out, it’s funny.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, a Japanese company has announced it will offer a 2 million yen cash gift to its employees on the birth of their third (I said second by mistake) and subsequent children.

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (大和証券グループ本社, Daiwa Shōken Gurūpu Honsha) is one of the three biggest securities brokerages in Japan.
Yesterday they said they’ll give their employees cash for babies.
For baby number three onwards, employees will get 2 million yen per baby.
Kyodo news reported the measure aims at easing the economic burdens of child rearing for its employees and will help stem the declining birthrate in the country by encouraging them to have more than two children.
They report the baby bonus is the first of its kind in the financial industry, although some companies in the manufacturing industry have already offered such gifts to their employees.

And that was Stick News for Friday 23rd of November.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#340 And now you have to end with the dance?

Step 1: Repeat Oprah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Oprah’s lines and talk to Justin.

Oprah Were you nervous during the dance on TV?

Justin Not so much, this wasn’t the first time, so. This was the best of the best, of course, but yeah ...

Oprah Was it? Were you nervous about premiering part of the other second dance?

Justin A little bit, so, it was a difficult process, when you work with songs and entertainment. To obtain rights of the ones that we could actually do.

Oprah Yeah, that’s ... clearing all those songs. Don’t we know! So, tell me this, how long do you think you can keep this dance thing going?

Justin Well, I’m really lucky that the dance was never what I started doing. So I’ve always worked as a speaker and the dance was just part of it. So I’m still doing exactly what I was doing afterwards.

Oprah So people call you for like motivational speaking?

Justin Correct. Yeah. Absolutely.

Oprah Yeah. So you speak to thousands of people at a time?

Justin Um, the largest audience is about 25 thousand. So ...

Oprah Wow. And now you have to end with the dance?

Justin Yeah, I don’t get to go anywhere and not do the dance. Ha ha ha ha.

Oprah And what is the basic premise of what you’re saying to people?

Justin Ah, that life is change. Let go of the things that you cannot control and focus your choices in on the things that you do have control of.

Oprah Very good! Very good. Now, I was saying this when you finished, because I was cracking up, why is this so funny to ...

Justin Honestly, I do not know. So many people are fearful of dancing because they’re afraid of looking like a fool, but if you let go of that and just go have fun, then dancing becomes an expression of your, of your joy basically.


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