Saturday, June 03, 2006

Show 62 Saturday 3 June

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Perci the Persimmon is a book I made in 2003. The idea was to combine education and art. To learn basic conversation questions and answers by reading a book with interesting photos. The layout of the book is designed so that the question and photo are on one page, then the answer is on the next page.
The idea is to look at the picture and guess what the answer is. Then turn the page and check the answer.

I think asking someone questions about what they have done and answering questions about what you have done, are both very useful tools for making conversation.

Talking about ideas and concepts is interesting - but it's also more difficult. So I think practicing talking about past events is a great place to start.

I printed the book myself and took it to a design show in Tokyo and sold a few copies. I also used it in lessons. But it has never actually been published properly.

The music is by Thursday Group, from the United States.
It is track 1 from First Album.
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