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Show 61 Friday 2 June

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Kia Ora. This is Stick News.
New Zealand is a small country in the South Pacific. It is nuclear-free and not even George Bush would claim there are weapons of mass destruction.
However that doesn’t mean there are no weapons. And in one of the biggest stories in New Zealand this week, a man was hit in the head with a handbag.

There was an important rugby game in New Zealand last week, the Super 14 final. Afterwards, everyone had a few drinks.
Many people drank all night and between 6:30am and 8am there was an incident involving two rugby players.
For some reason one player punched a fellow customer in the bar.
The other player wasn’t happy about this – so he picked up a woman’s handbag and started wacking his teammate with it.
The player started crying. The woman’s phone was broken.
The rugby police decided to fine player the player who started the scrap $3000. The handbag hitter wasn’t punished, because he was “defusing the situation”.
The woman received an apology and a new cellphone. She is now selling her handbag and broken cellphone on the internet.

The online auction for the handbag finishes tomorrow. Today the bids have already passed $5000. And that was Stick News for Friday the 2nd of June.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 40 Why do you like him so much?

Larry King interviews Elizabeth Taylor.
Step 1: Repeat Larry’s lines.
Step 2: Read Larry’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Larry   Why do you like him so much?

Elizabeth We’re very much alike.

Larry   Are you?

Elizabeth Yes.

Larry   We both had horrible childhoods. Ah, well, working at the age of 9 is not a childhood. He started at 3, and ah, that certainly isn’t a childhood.

Elizabeth Have you spoken to him recently?

Larry   Yes, I have.

Elizabeth How’s he doing? He’s in ... where ...

Larry   He sounds very happy.

Elizabeth Where is he?

Larry   At the moment I think he’s in London.

Elizabeth But he was in Tokyo recently, and then London.

Larry   Yeah.

Elizabeth And, but he lives in Bahrain?

Larry   Right.


Larry King is an American broadcaster.
He hosts a nightly interview program called Larry King Live.

Elizabeth Taylor is an American actress.

See the Larry King, Elizabeth Taylor interview here.

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