Sunday, May 21, 2006

Show 49 Sunday 21 May

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sunday kitchen

#6 beer snacks part 1

Spicy miso paste.
Spicy miso cucumber.
Spicy miso cabbage.

You need:

Sesame oil

Put some miso into a bowl.
Add some sesame oil.
Add some tobanjan (a kind of chili paste).
Add some crushed garlic.
Mix some more.
Cut the celery.
Cut the cabbage.
Wash the vegetables.
Cut the sprouts.
Wash the sprouts.
Shake the water off your hands.
Cut the cucumber and put it on a plate.
Put spicy miso paste on the cucumber.
Put spicy miso paste on the cabbage.
Cut the celery and put spicy miso paste on it.

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blog-efl said...

Hi Sarah. Just discovered your show today, and have been telling people. I love the format, and am amazed that you manage to do so much. I'll be recommending my students to watch, and will choose one to stick on my blog as an example. Keep up the excellent work.