Monday, June 29, 2009

#1075 Stick News Special Report

Show 1075 Monday 29 June
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Kia ora, this is Stick News.

In our top story today we bring you the latest news on the allegations of corruption at the Kutchan Tax Office. Sarah has more.

Thank you Sarah. I’m here at the Kutchan Tax Office where it has been alleged that several top officials are involved in corruption. We’ve just heard that the police may be investigating the case. However at this point in time we can not confirm weather or not they will in fact be investigating the case, and indeed whether or not the alleged corruption occurred in this tax office. We’ve been hearing reports this morning that there may have been no corruption or that the alleged corruption may have occurred at another tax office.
Reporting live from the Kutchan Tax Office this is Sarah for Stick News.

Thank you Sarah. In our next story, police are expected to lay charges against a suspect who was arrested earlier today and taken to the Kutchan Police Station.
Sarah joins us live from the Kutchan Police Station.

We're reporting live from in front of the Kutchan Police Station where just moments ago we saw several officers in uniform entering the building. We cannot confirm whether or not those officers are connected to this case. But they did appear to be walking at an increased speed which may be an indication of how seriously the police are treating this case. So far the police haven’t been willing to release any information related to today’s arrest. But it’s expected that they will be making a statement later on this afternoon.

We now cross live to Sarah who is at the Kutchan City Office which is now the centre of allegations of officials misusing taxpayer money.

Yes, that’s right, I’m here live on the scene at the Kutchan City Office. We’ve been here since 9 o’clock this morning. And we’ve seen people coming and going from the building throughout the day. As yet we don’t have any confirmation as to what significance that has but we’ll be updating you as the day progresses with any new information as it becomes available.

Sarah, have there been any statements from officials yet?

No, Sarah, in terms of official statements, there have been none as yet. Throughout the day, discussions have been going on behind closed doors. We did manage to talk to one person who was entering the building. However he refused to answer any of our questions. Which really does beg the question: going forward can we realistically be cautiously optimistic? There are just so many unanswered questions relating to these allegations, that it really does remain to be seen.

To sports news now and Sarah is live at the field where tomorrow’s game will take place.

That’s right, I’m standing on the very field where the two teams will be battling it out tomorrow.
Make no mistake about it, this is always a tough place to play and at this point in the competition, there are no easy games. Both teams will be looking to capitalize on their opponents. They’ll need to step up to the next level, turn it up a notch, suck it up, dig deep, stay hungry and pull out all the stops.

To weather now and we cross live to Sarah. What’s the weather like out there Sarah?
If you’re heading out tonight, don’t forget your brolly because it’s expected to rain later on this evening. Wind is also forecast. And there’s 3.2% chance we’ll see light snowfalls overnight as well. So it’s a mixed bag tonight. As for tomorrow, it’s going to be a sunny one. Hot and humid weather is expected. Tomorrow’s high is 35 and the low is minus three.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 29th of June.
Kia ora.


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