Saturday, June 13, 2009

#1059 ESL Video - How Long ...? Past Perfect Continuous/Progressive

Show 1059 Saturday 13 June
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read the paper
talk on the phone
use the computer
look out the window

How long had he been reading the paper?
He’d been reading the paper for two hours.

How long had he been talking on the phone?
He’d been talking on the phone for about ten minutes.

How long had he been using the computer?
He’d been using the computer for more than three hours.

How long had she been crying?
She’d been crying for a long time.

How long had he been looking out the window?
He’d been looking out the window all day.


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Anonymous said...

We have learnt it with present perfect continous. Not with past perfect continous.

How long has it been raining?
It has been raining for two hours.

We have learnt that we use present perfect continuos to say how long for an activity that is still happening

How long have you been reading that book? (Not had you been...)

Lisa is still writing letters. She has writing letters all day.

past perfect continous :I was very tired when I got home. I had been working hard all day.

compare: present perfect c. James is out of breath. He has been running.
Past perfect c. James was out of breath. He had been running.

These examples are in the English book named English grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy