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#1017 Animal Expressions

Show 1017 Saturday 4 April
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a bird's-eye view

This photo is a bird’s-eye view of the valley.

a. This is a photo of a bird’s eye.
b. This is a photo of a valley bird and an eye.
c. This is a photo of the valley taken from a high position looking down.

the cat's pyjamas

She is the cat’s pyjamas.

a. She is great.
b. The cat is wearing her pyjamas.
c. She is wearing the cat’s pyjamas.

to chicken out

He chickened out.

a. He didn’t do it because he was scared.
b. He didn’t do it because he forgot.
c. He crossed the road.

a dog’s breakfast

This report is a dog's breakfast.

a. This is a report about what dogs should eat in the morning.
b. This is report is excellent.
c. This report is bad.

duck out

I’m going to duck out to get some lunch.

a. I’m going to go for a swim after lunch.
b. I’m going to eat my lunch watching the ducks.
c. I’m going to go out and buy some lunch.

a frog in your throat

She had a frog in her throat.

a. She couldn’t swallow the frog.
b. She couldn’t speak clearly.
c. She sounded like a frog.

hold your horses

Hold your horses!

a. Control your horses.
b. Wait.
c. Go ahead.

the lion’s share

TDES has the lion’s share of the market.

a. TDES owns shares in a lion market.
b. TDES has a very aggressive marketing style.
c. TDES has the biggest market share.

when pigs fly

I’ll do it when pigs fly.

a. I’ll do it in the morning.
b. I’ll do it at night.
c. I’ll never do it.

snake oil

Most of their products are snake oil.

a. Most of their products are ineffective.
b. Most of the oil they sell contains snakes.
c. Their most popular brand is Snake Oil.


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