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#936 Snatch, That’s A Good Lad, Tight, NZ Facebook Arrest

Show 936 Tuesday 13 January
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re studying a scene from a movie called Snatch.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this film as a great film to study English. From what I remember it’s not that easy to follow because of all the twists and the pace.

But if you like this kind of movie, then go ahead, because there is some interesting language in it.
Some very colourful language and some interesting accents.

In the scene we’re studying today a guy goes to a camp or a caravan park and he is looking for someone. And a kid who lives there comes up to him to and offers to go and find the guy.

He says: Do you want me to go and get him?

And the man replies: That’s a good lad.

Lad is an informal word for boy or young man.

That’s a good lad, means, thank you, or, that’s nice of you to offer to do that.

But it turns out the lad wanted to get paid, so the man swears at him because he’s a gangster and he doesn’t care about swearing at kids. And the kid swears back because he’s a bit of wild kid.

The lad asks for five quid.
A quid is an informal word for a British pound by the way.
And the man eventually agrees to give him one quid.
He says: You can have a quid.


Kia Ora in Stick News today a 21-year-old man in New Zealand has been arrested after a failed attempting to break in a safe. Queenstown police said it was their first Facebook arrest.

Early this morning a man attempted to break into a bar’s safe.
He wore a balaclava and took with him a power tool called an angle grinder.

Police said he entered the building through the roof of an adjoining premises.

Then, while he was trying to open the safe, he got hot and took off his balaclava.
He eventually had no luck opening the safe, so he gave up and left.
On his way out he looked up right past the security camera – which captured clear footage of his face.

Police posted the footage on Facebook and they soon found out who he was and arrested him.
The New Zealand Herald quoted a police officer as saying: I've never met a burglar that I thought was bright.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 13th of January.
Kia Ora.

TDES Niseko Snow Report with Scott Adventure Sports

Have you been to Niseko before?
This is the first time.

What do you think?
Oh, I love it, yeah. I can equate it to the Whistler in Canada, yeah.

Is the first time you’ve been on a snowshoe tour?
Probably the first time in the last 20 years. I did it once when I was in school, some 30, 30 years ago.

How was today’s tour?
Oh, very good, I love the snow, I love the scene. I’d like to do it again.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is tight.
Tight is an informal word which means not wanting to spend much money; not generous.

Apparently this is British English – and we use it in New Zealand too.
The example here is: He is very tight with his money.

conversations with sarah

#584 Who are you looking for?

* Watch this scene here.

Step 1: Repeat the kids’s lines.
Step 2: Read the kids’s lines and talk to Tommy.

Kid Who are you looking for?

Tommy Mr O’Neil.

Kid Do you want me to go and get him?

Tommy That’s a good lad.
Well are you going to go and get him for me?

Kid Yeah.

Tommy What are you waiting for?

Kid The five quid you’re going to pay me.

Tommy Fuck off, I’ll find him myself.

Kid Two fifty.

Tommy You can have a quid.

Kid You’re a real tight fucker, aren’t you?


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