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#899 Crackers, Holiday Plans, Enya Plants Tree, Flounder

Show 899 Thursday 27 November
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

November is almost over, which means it’ll be the end of the year before you know it. And Christmas is coming – which I kind of forget about living in Japan, because it’s not such a big holiday here. But yesterday I got a very nice package from family in New Zealand – and in it was this beautiful Christmas card, I think it was hand-painted by my cousin. So that was exciting and it got me thinking about Christmas.

And speaking of the holidays, The Acadia Report today is about what people at Acadia University are planning to do on their Christmas break. Up until now we’ve been using footage that we took when we were visiting the university. But these interviews were all done by students who are studying English at Acadia and I think they did an excellent job. And we have more of their work that we’re going to be using in The Acadia Reports coming up - so that’s very exciting too. I think doing interviews is a great activity for improving your English – and it’s great that we get to use the footage too.

The video I recommend today is called Crackers.

I love this video, I think it’s really well done. And I thought it was really funny because I’ve had the exact same problem eating those exact same crackers while using the computer.

The Acadia Report

Hi, my name is Melissa Berger. And I’m from Cape Breton. So, that’s what I plan to do on Christmas break, I plan to go to Cape Breton and have fun with my family. And enjoy a family Christmas.

Hi my name is Masaki. Ah, my Christmas plan, ah, I will go back Japan, yeah, I want to go back Japan because here is … little bit boring. And I want to go shopping in Japan and want to see my friend.

For Christmas break I’ll go back to Japan because I want to. I want to spend time in Japan.

Hi, my name’s Claire Reynolds. Um, for Christmas break I want to go back home to Ottawa, that’s where I was born and raised. I haven’t seen the family in a while, so I want to do that.

I’m Cody LeBlanc, I work at the info desk. And my plan for Christmas break is to head home, spend it with my family.

My name is Ahamed (?) I am from Jordan. My plan in Christmas, I will be … stay here in Canada with my wife.

Hi, I’m Julie and I live in Seminary House. And for this Christmas break I’ll be going home to Ontario.

I’m Tara and I’m an education student. And my plan for Christmas break is to go home and work at the hospital and earn some money to pay off the debt that I have from spending all my money during the strike. So that’s what my plan is for Christmas break.

* I'm not sure about the spelling of these names. Please leave a comment if you think they need correcting.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is flounder.

to struggle to know what to say or do or how to continue with something

I thought the advice that Nick gave on Monday was really good - he said that students should ask themselves why they want to learn English.

He said: The difference between students I’ve seen succeed and students I’ve seen flounder, is a clear sense of what they want to do with English.


Kia Ora this is Stick News. This evening in Tokyo, Japan, Enya planted a tree.

Enya is a 47-year-old singer from Ireland. This year she’s scheduled to appear on an end-of-year music program in Japan. And according to Japan Today, this evening Enya planted a tree in Roppongi.

And that was Stick News for Thursday 27th of November.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#561 Are you going to put up decorations?

Step 1: Repeat Jun’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jun’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Jun How are you going to celebrate Christmas?

Sarah Hmm. I haven’t decided yet. Probably eat some delicious food and drink some delicious wine.

Jun That sounds nice.

Sarah Hmm. Yeah.

Jun Are you going to put up decorations?

Sarah Hmm, maybe. I still have those silver trees, so I might hang them up again.

Jun Are you going to send Christmas cards?

Sarah Hmm, I might actually this year. I haven’t sent Christmas cards in ages. But I have an idea for a design.

Jun What’s the design?

Sarah Now, that would be telling.


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Hey! I know I'm late but - Happy 900 editions! Amazing number to reach. It proves how much succesfully TDES is. As we could hear from Enya: "Who can say where the road goes? where the day flows? Only time" I wish you all the good things of life.

I don't know if u have an edition about "Kind of". Maybe i'm confused about a simple thing, but sometimes I can't undersatnd it very well. Hey, as we say here in Brazil "Let me pull embers to under my barbecue stick" and ask u help about it. Thanks and congratulations again.

Translation: "Deixa eu puchar brasa pra debaixo do meu espeto"