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#890 Enemy Of The State, Special Samosas 10,000 Rupees, Attached

Show 890 Tuesday 18 November
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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re studying a scene from a movie called Enemy of the State. I really like this movie.
In this scene two guys have just been rowing and they’re talking in a changing room. And one of the guys has just had his house broken into so they’re talking about that.
Breaking and entering is another name for burglary which is the crime of breaking into a house or a home in order to do something bad … usually steal something.

And here’s an idiom for you to study: on top of sth.
This means: in addition to sth.

The guy has just been saying that he’s upset because his blender was stolen and all but one of his suits was ruined. And then he says: Yeah, then, on top of it, the only suit that they leave me is three years old.


Kia Ora in Stick News today a stall owner in India charged a Dutch couple over 200 dollars for 4 samosas. He told the tourists they were expensive because they were special samsoas.

A couple from The Netherlands went to India on holiday. They bought 4 samosas, which usually only cost a few rupees. But Reuters reported that after the tourists ate the snacks they were charged 10,000 rupees. The stall owner said his samosas were special because they were made of herbs and had aphrodisiac qualities. The couple apparently argued with the shopkeeper, and then paid him. They then complained to a police officer who forced the shopkeeper to return the change which was 9990 rupees.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 18th of November.
Kia Ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is attached. Attached means joined.

These keitai straps are attached to this phone.

Attached also means emotionally attached – as in full of affection for something or somebody.

One of the guys in today’s scene says:
You seem a little attached to this blender, Robert.

He’s trying to say that it’s strange to be so upset about losing a blender – because it’s not the kind of thing that people usually have so much affection for.

conversations with sarah

#554 Loved that blender

Step 1: Repeat the friend’s lines.
Step 2: Read the friend’s lines and talk to Robert.
* On the DVD I have this is in chapter 11 (0:42:55)

Friend Take any of your clothes?

Robert No, they threw all my shoes and suits in the tub and spray-painted my damn dog.
They trashed my computers, my big screen TV. Took my blender.

Friend What about jewellery?

Robert No.

Friend What about silverware?

Robert No. Just my blender.

Friend Blender, huh?

Robert Loved that blender.

Friend You know, I did stuff when I was a kid.
I mean, not breaking and entering, but, you know, stuff.

Robert Hey we all did stuff. I just wished they hadn't stolen my damn blender.

Friend You seem a little attached to this blender, Robert.

Robert Yeah, then, on top of it, the only suit that they leave me is three years old.

Friend Hasn't gotten any better with age.


1. Apparently keitai straps are called phone straps in English. I'd never heard of them before coming to Japan, which is why I use the Japanese word in English.

2. He actually says thrashed in the movie, but I accidentally said trashed. I think trashed makes more sense anyway.

3. I think it's kind of strange how Robert says "on top of it". I would say "on top of that" - but maybe that's just me.

4. I accidentally left out a line in the dialogue - so, rather than record it again, I cut both of these two lines:
Robert Yeah, well, some people meditate, some people get massages, I blend.
Friend You're really weird, you know that?
(They should go after "You seem a little attached to this blender, Robert".)


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