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#816 Crush, Google Chrome, Bent, Graduate Joke, Olympics

Show 816 Friday 5 September
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re going to study a song by Jamison Young.
The song is called “Crush” and it’s from the album: Shifting Sands of a Blue Car.
I really like this album. There are a lot of good songs on it. And it’s licenced with a Creative Commons licence which means that you can download it for free.
And a cool thing about this album is that if you listen to it on your iPod you can read the lyrics while you listen because the lyrics come with it.

I think this song is about a guy whose girlfriend has just dumped him and she has said lots of things criticizing him. And in this song he seems to be saying: OK, I know I’ve done some bad things and unfortunately our relationship has ended but let’s just move on and please stop saying such nasty things about me.

The chorus goes like this:

You don’t have to crush me You don’t have to put me down

Crush is a verb which means: to destroy someone’s confidence or happiness.

For example: She felt completely crushed by the teacher’s criticism.

And put someone down means: to make someone look or feel stupid, especially in front of other people.

Put-down is also a noun: a remark intended to humiliate or criticize someone.

So if you say to someone: You’re stupid, that’s a put-down – you’re putting them down.

The lyrics go: you don’t have to, which means please don’t. I think he’s saying: it doesn’t have to be like this, we could just move on and be happy, so please stop putting me down.


Kia Ora, this is Stick News. On Tuesday Google released its new web browser. It’s called Google Chrome.

A web browser is a software application which is used to access the internet. Last year 78.6% of internet users used Internet Explorer. It has been the most widely used web browser since 1999. Other browsers include Safari, Opera and Firefox. Google has just released a new web browser. They launched the browser with a cartoon book by American cartoonist Scott McCloud. Wikipedia says Google Chrome has passed the Acid1 and Acid2 tests, but does not pass the Acid3 test.

And that was Stick News for Friday the 5th of September.
Kia Ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is bent.
Bent is an adjective which means not straight.
Straight. Bent.
It’s also an informal adjective which means dishonest.
Be bent on doing sth is an idiom which means to be determined to do sth (usually sth bad).

A line in today’s song goes like this:

I’d like to see you happy, it seems you’re bent on crushing me.

Which means: it seems you’re determined to make me unhappy.

friday joke

Near the end of a job interview, an interviewer asked a young university graduate: “And what starting salary were you looking for?”
The young man replied: “Around 200,000 dollars are year, depending on the benefits package.”
“What you say to a package of ten weeks paid holiday, plus a company car, say, a red BMW?”
“Wow! Are you kidding?”
“Yes, but you started it”.

conversations with sarah

#502 Which events did you watch?

Step 1: Repeat Jackie’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jackie’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Jackie Which events did you watch?

Sarah Just whatever was on … like judo, wrestling, swimming, weight lifting, synchronized swimming … that kind of thing.

Jackie What were the highlights of the Olympics for you?

Sarah Highlights? Hmm. After Kitajima won his first race and started crying that was pretty cool. And the men’s 400 meter relay – that was awesome. They looked so happy. And when the women’s softball too.

Jackie Are you talking about Japanese athletes?

Sarah Yeah. I only watched it on Japanese TV because I didn’t have the internet, so I pretty much only watched the events that Japanese athletes were in.

Jackie Who is Kitajima?

Sarah Kitajima Kousuke – he won the 100 meter breaststroke and the 200 meter breaststroke. And he also won both those medals in Greece too, so he’s a big Olympic hero in Japan.

Jackie How did New Zealand do at the Olympics?

Sarah I have no idea. I saw the New Zealand athletes walking into the stadium during the opening ceremony – but that’s it.

Jackie The opening and closing ceremonies were great, weren’t they?

Sarah Yeah, they were awesome. I was so impressed.

Crush by Jamison Young
Download here or here.
Watch video on YouTube.

You don’t have to crush me
You don’t have to put me down
You don’t have to be the way you are
I know that it’s hard
Things are never what they seem
As life goes on things might change
I hope I change my ways

You say that I’m selfish, it’s me I aim to please
I have no heart and do not care
There’s no one else just me
You don’t have to crush me
You don’t have to put me down
You don’t have to be the way you are

You’ve judged and tried me ten times over
And you told me that I’m cheap
You’ve said that I should get a life
Get a life, just leave

You don’t have to crush me
You don’t have to put me down
You don’t have to crush me
You don’t have to put me down
You don’t have to crush me
You don’t have to put me down

I know that there’s no point in fighting, fighting with you
I don’t want let you bring me down again

I’d like to see you happy, it seems you’re bent on crushing me, crushing me, crushing me
It’s the day after you burnt me and the smoke still hasn’t, hasn’t cleared
I don’t know what to say
You brought a man to tears

You don’t have to crush me
You don’t have to put me down


today's STICK NEWS pictures


show start
artist: Boom Tschak
album: Indietronic CCBit.
track: More Chocolate, Please
from: Former Yugoslavia

WOD start
artist: DJ iPep's
album: Home Mix 2007
track: Game Toy
from: EVREUX, France
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

friday joke start
artist: AdHoc
album: Toutes directions
track: Sumbala
from: Annecy, France
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

cws start
artist: Wolfgang S.
album: Indietronic CCBit.
track: Dynamite
from: Belgrade, Serbia, Former Yugoslavia
artist site

qa start
artist: ioeo
album: triptracks
track: triptrack2
from: Saint Raphael, France
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

qa bgm
artist: Atomska Sarma
album: Indietronic CCBit.
track: Superbetmen
from: Beograd, Former Yugoslavia

artist: Jamison Young
album: Shifting Sands of a Blue Car
track: Crush
from: Australia
artist at Jamendo
album at Jamendo
artist site

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