Sunday, March 02, 2008

Show 658 Saturday 1 March

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1. Kip, Show 583
I’m from Oregon in the United States.

2. Jongwon, Show 585
I’m from Korea. South Korea.

3. Karin, Show 586
Hong Kong.

4. Sam, Show 605
I’m from Singapore.

5. Ryan, Show 607
I’m from Perth in Australia.

6. Chris, Show 611
I’m from Australia too. From Perth originally, but I’m living in Melbourne now.

7. Simon, Show 625
Ah, Sydney, Australia.

8. Mark, Show 626
I’m from Sydney, Australia.

9. Vesa, Show 632
I’m from Finland.

10. Adrian, Show 633
Ah, Sydney, Australia.

11. Mikey, Show 636
I’m from the east coast in America.

12. Nick, Show 640

13. Gary, Show 642
From Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

14. Rob, Show 647
Ah, Australia, New South Wales, Newcastle.

15. Luke, Show 649
I’m Adelaide in Australia. South Australia.

16. David, Show 654
From Adelaide in Australia.

17. Cameron, Show 656
Ah, Australia, like everybody else.


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album: aprendiendo desde 2004
track: Mandrake
from: Jerez, Spain
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