Friday, January 25, 2008

#622 Song To Study Superlatives, Shanghai Subway Kiss

* A musician's lawyers had this script deleted on 29 October 2008, presumably because the post mentioned his name and the name of his song. I copied this from the Japanese script (and replaced the musician's name with X's):

Show 622 Friday 25 January
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
The song I recommend to study today is called XXX by XXX.
It’s very romantic. I’m going to read you the first verse.

I think this song is good for studying superlatives.
What’s a superlative?
superlative adj. (grammar) (of an adjective or adverb) expressing the highest or a very high degree of a quality
How do you make a superlative?

Very easy: just take an adjective or an adverb and add -est to the end or most before the word.
Often long words take most and short words take -est.

Let’s try.

You are nice.
You are the nicest girl in the world.
Could you be the nicest girl in the world?

You are beautiful.
You are the most beautiful girl in the world.
Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, a couple in China is planning to sue a subway operator after a video of them hugging and kissing was uploaded to the internet.

Last week a video of a couple kissing and hugging in the Shanghai subway was uploaded to the internet and attracted thousands of hits.
The video was filmed in September by subway security cameras.
The couple has now hired a lawyer and says they plan to sue the subway operator in the interests "of all passengers travelling on metro trains in Shanghai".

And that was Stick News for Friday the 25th of January. Kia Ora.


at loaf lounge

There’s a cool heater at Loaf Lounge. It uses waste oil. The oil goes in here and this is the flame. The smoke goes out here. And you can turn up the temperature by adjusting how much oil flows in.

friday joke

Teacher: Now class, I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to all answer at once. How much is six plus four?

Class: At once.

I got the joke from here.

conversations with sarah
Where’s XXX from?

Brad Where’s XXX from?

Sarah America.

Brad What are some of his famous songs?

Sarah Um, he’s done hundreds of songs. I like XXX. Have you heard that?

Brad I don’t think so.

Sarah He released his first album before I was born.

Brad Really?

Sarah Yeah, in April 1978.

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