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Show 583 Monday 17 December

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

We have no guest today. So you’re stuck with me and the Texas armadillo.
It’s actually quite hard to find guests every week – because half the people I ask say no and some people say “maybe later”, which means no, and some people “yes” and don’t show up ... which is worse than saying “no”.

Back on show 481 we had a guest from cyberspace – well I’m sure he actually exists in real life – but I’ve never actually met him. I just sent him the questions and he sent back a video with the answers. And that worked out really well, so I’m keen to do that again. So, if anyone wants to be a guest on The Daily English Show, please send me an email:

About the survey, thank you so much to everyone who took the time to do that.
I haven’t finished compiling all the data yet – but I have finished some of it. So I can tell you some things today.

The average age of the people who responded is 29. Which is interesting, that is exactly how old I am. The youngest person was 16 and the oldest was 48.

As for the countries where people live, the country with the highest percentage, by quite a lot was ... the United States. Which didn’t really surprise me, because when I check the country statistics for who accesses the site with the scripts, the US is usually the top country.

The top four countries were the US, Germany, Japan and the UK.

And there other countries were:

US 29%
Germany 15%
Japan 10%
UK 6%
Poland 4%
Spain 4%
Canada 4%
Brazil 4%
Italy 4%
Netherlands 4%
South Korea 2%
Mexico 2%
France 2%
Austria 2%
Sweden 2%
Singapore 2%
Columbia 2%

Those are the countries where people are living now. If it was the countries where people are from, then other countries would be included, like Hungary and Norway.

The thing that surprised me the most was the percentage of males and females. 83% male and 17% female.

Wow. I thought it would be a bit more even. So I guess that could mean that The Daily English Show has a lot of male viewers. Or it could mean that females can’t be bothered filling out surveys.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, a Japanese man was sentenced to a year in prison for posting a threatening message on an internet forum.

2channel (2ちゃんねる,) is a Japanese Internet forum, thought to be the largest Internet forum in the world.
Wikipedia says: some people engage in hate speech on 2channel. And due to its massive size and anonymous posting, the forum is “littered with slander and defamation against public figures and institutions.”
In December last year a woman was planning to give a speech at a lecture hall in Nagoya. But, before the speech a man posted a message on 2channel, declaring he would set fire to the venue.
According to Kyodo news, the message caused the cancellation of the speech.
The man who posted the message was taken to court. He pleaded not guilty, saying he
had no intention of harming the woman and posted the message merely to express criticism of her.
On Friday he was sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for four years.

And that was Stick News for Monday 17th of December.
Kia Ora.

On Hanazono #3

with Kip

Where are you from?
I’m from Oregon, in the United States.

What’s your job in Niseko?
Ah, snowboard instructor.

How many times have you come here?
This is my second year and hopefully many more.

Are you a skier or a snowboarder?
I actually do both. Snowboard, teach snowboarding but I do a lot of skiing in the backcountry.

Is it difficult to teach beginners?
It’s pretty difficult to teach beginners. Lots of Australians, ah, come from a warm area where there’s not a lot of snow. So they ... it takes a little bit of practice.

In the US, which mountain do you usually go to?
Ah, I live by a little mountain called Anthony Lakes in eastern Oregon.

How would you describe it?
Ah, quite similar to this. Nice dry snow, lots of good tree runs. Friendly people. Nice place.

What do you think of Niseko?
I really like it. Ah, I think the people are friendly. It’s a nice place to go. There’s some good lines, nice trees. Good snow.

conversations with sarah
#355 What’s wrong with my hat?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to the Armadillo.

Sarah So, um, why are you wearing a hat?

Armadillo What’s wrong with my hat?

Sarah Nothing. I was just wondering ...

Armadillo You don’t like it?

Sarah No, no, no, I like it. It’s cool.

Armadillo Really?

Sarah Yeah. I was just wondering because all of the other Armadillos I saw on YouTube weren’t wearing hats, that’s all.

Armadillo You want me to be like the other Armadillos?

Sarah No, no. You’re perfect just like that.

Armadillo Good.


today's STICK NEWS pictures


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