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Show 576 Monday 10 December

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
Today’s guest is Yo-kun.
He has been a professional snowboarder since 1999.
And he’s originally from Saitama and he moved to Niseko 3 years ago.
And he’s now the co-owner of Loaf Lounge, which is a bar here in Kutchan. Actually it’s not just a bar, they have a skateboard bowl and a clothes shop as well.

The first thing I asked him was:
What exactly does a professional snowboarder do?

Snowboard design,

and, while snowboarding

doing video shoots

and magazine shoots

and TV shoots.

And going in competitions to win money.

And promote the sponsor.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what pro boarders do.


Kia Ora, this is Stick News. On Friday, there was a major oil spill in South Korea. Government officials have called it South Korea’s worst ever oil spill.

On Friday the 7th of December a tugboat was pulling a crane barge near South Korea when the cable linking the boats snapped in rough seas.
The barge then crashed into a ship which was carrying 260,000 tonnes of oil.
Three of the five containers of oil were punctured and more than 10,000 tonnes of oil leaked into the sea.
By yesterday, it was reported that the oil slick was already 33 km long and at least 30 beaches had been affected.
The South Korean government has declared a state of disaster in the region. The cost of the cleanup has been estimated at 300 billion South Korean won.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 10th of December.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#350 Why did you move to Niseko?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Yo-kun.

Sarah Is it difficult to find a sponsor?

Yo タイミング次第、人と人との出会いの、つながりの場所なんで。
It’s really about timing, and connections ...

Sarah Do you still go in competitions?

Yo うん、もうね、大会には出てないんだけど、
I don’t go in competitions anymore but

now I do magazine shoots

video shoots

TV shoots.

I mainly do that kind of thing.

Sarah Why did you move to Niseko?

Yo 最高だから。 
Because it’s awesome.

(The snow?)

Yeah, the snow, the mountain, the people.

Sarah Do you think Niseko is the best place in Japan for snowboarding?

Yo 一番、かは分からないけど、
I don’t know if it’s the best

But out of the places that I’ve been in Japan

It’s the best

Sarah Why did you decide to open Loaf?

Yo 地域に根付いて、こう何だろう、
I wanted to settle down

and start something here with my friends.

And because I’m a professional snowboarder,

For people who are just starting out

And young people

I wanted to create a place to foster a good snowboarding lifestyle.

Something like that.

Sarah How long did it take to find this place?

Yo 1年くらい探したかな。
We looked for about a year.

We started looking before spring, in winter

We looked at a lot of different places.

Then we finally found something in Autumn.

Sarah Did you find it through a real estate agent?

Yo もう直接見てて、
No, we just saw it,

and we saw that it was empty,

And we were like, “Who’s the owner?”

Sarah What did this place used to be?

Yo ココはね、ショクレンさんって、
This used to be a place called Shokuren,

a rice warehouse.

Sarah How long did it take to prepare before you opened?

Yo 2ヶ月くらい、
About two months,

one and a half months ...

Sarah There aren't many places like this in Japan, are there?

Yo うーん、そうだね、東京とかじゃね、多分広すぎ、
Yeah, in places like Tokyo,

you probably can’t rent a space as big as this.

You can do it here because it’s a small town.

Sarah How would you describe Loaf Lounge?

Yo そうですね、Loaf Loungeは酒も飲めて、
Well, at Loaf Lounge you can drink


play pool

buy clothes

use the internet ...

It’s a dream shop

It’s a dream shop which has everything.

bonus question


Yo: メキシカン・ピンポン・ナイト。
Mexican Ping Pong Night.

Sarah: 今回は何回目?
This time what number is it?

Yo: 第2回目ですね
It’s the second ...

Sarah:五百 ...
The five hundredth ... ?

Oh yeah, it’s the 421st!

KNF: 言い直した、今!
You changed your answer!


Last year Loaf Lounge had an event called Mexican Ping Pong night (I talked about it on Show 229). It was the first time they’d had this event, but on the flyer they said it was the “420th Mexican Ping Pong Night” – which was pretty funny because they’d just had their first anniversary.


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