Saturday, December 01, 2007

Show 567 Saturday 1st December

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Why did you decide to open this shop?
What does the name mean?
Did you have any difficulty finding a shop?
How long did it take to prepare?
Why does it take so long?
How did you find all the products?
What's your philosophy behind choosing the products?

Thanks to Michelle & Jocelyn from Hatt & Kul.

Hatt & Kul is a store in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Stuff you can buy at Hatt & Kul:

Blackspot Sneaker (Adbusters)
Splaff bags, belts, shoes
del forte denim
Sweetgrass hemp, bamboo


artist: Anawin
album: A glimpse inside the bubble
track: Little jazzy
from: Arles, France
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo

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