Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Daily English Show Survey

The Daily English Show Survey #1


Cut and paste this survey and email it with your answers to: tdessurvey@gmail.com

If you don’t want to answer a question, just leave it blank.

If you would like to answer the income question, you can use this converter to change your currency into Japanese yen.

This survey will finish on Tuesday 11th December. Please send your survey before then, or on that day (in whatever time zone you are in).

Note: We will send you an email to thank you for doing the survey. We won’t send you any other emails. We respect your privacy.

Section 1: Personal

1. Age:

2. Sex:

3. Occupation:

4. Income per year (in Japanese yen):

A: under 1 million yen
B: 1-3 million yen
C: 3-5 million yen
D: 5-8 million yen
E: 8+ million yen

5. What is your native language?

6. What other language(s) can you speak?

7. What country are you from?

8. Where do you live now?

Section 2: Travel

9. How often do you travel overseas?

10. Which country would you like to visit next?

Section 3: The Internet

11. Do you have a YouTube account?

12. Do you have a blog?

13. Do you use social networking site(s)?

14. Which one(s)?

15. Have you ever uploaded a video to the Internet?

16. How long do you spend on the Internet every day?

17. Do you have Internet access at home?

Section 4: The Daily English Show

18. Why do you watch The Daily English Show?

19. How did you find out about The Daily English Show?

20. When did you start watching The Daily English Show?

21. How often do you watch The Daily English Show?

22. Which part of The Daily English Show do you like most?

23. Which part do you like least?

24. How do you think The Daily English Show could be improved?

25. What site do you watch The Daily English Show on?

26. Do you have a video iPod (or other portable multimedia player)?

27. Do you subscribe to The Daily English Show in iTunes?

Section 5: English study
(Native English speakers can skip this section.)

28. Why are you learning English?

29. How often do you buy English study textbooks?

30. How do you choose which textbooks to buy?

31. How much do you spend on textbooks every year?

32. Do you have an electronic dictionary?

33. Do you listen to other English study podcasts /video podcasts / shows?

34. Are you currently studying English at school or university?

Section 6: Studying English abroad
(Native English speakers can skip this section.)

35. Have you studied English abroad?

36. Are you planning to in future?

37. If so, what country would you like to go to?

38. How will you chose where to study?

39. What’s important to you when choosing a school to study at?

Section 7: Teaching English
(This section is for teachers only – if you are not a teacher you can skip this section.)

40. Where do you teach? (EG university, language school etc)

41. Have you ever used The Daily English Show in class?

42. If so, how often?

43. How have you used The Daily English Show in class?

44. Which parts of The Daily English Show are most useful for using in class?

45. What kind of feedback have you had from students?

46. How could The Daily English Show be improved to be more user friendly for teachers?

Section 8: This Survey

47. How long did it take you to answer this survey?

48. How do you think the survey could be improved?

49. Do you have any suggestions for questions to ask next time?

End of Survey

Thank you so much for doing this survey! We really appreciate it.

Note: If you notice any spelling etc mistakes in this survey I would really appreciate it if you tell me.

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