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Show 517 Tuesday 2 October

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Last Thursday we started doing The Daily English Show workshops here at Acadia. So we invited the English language students to come and work with us making The Daily English Show.
We thought it would be good for them to learn something new – and also to practice their English by working on something together.
And also good for us because we can learn something from them and get new ideas for the show.

So this afternoon, three people came to the workshop, and it was great. The five of us went and did Asking Acadia together. It was a lot of fun doing it together. So we went out and filmed it, then we came back and I showed them how you get the video from the camera to the computer. And they were really surprised at how easy it is, because they’ve never made video before. And it is really easy, all you have to do is, film something, then plug the camera in to the computer, press a button, cut it in a few places, and that’s it.


Kia Ora in Stick News today a 21-year-old Japanese actress is now famous after her grumpy performance at an event promoting her new film.

Sawajiri Erica was born in Nerima, Tokyo, in 1986. She is now an actress, model, and musician.
Erica is now starring in a movie called Closed Note.
The film’s premiere was on Friday night. After the movie, the stars walked on stage and were expected to introduce themselves and politely answer a few questions.
Erica, however, didn’t play by the rules. She looked extremely annoyed and gave short, testy answers to the questions.
The next day many TV programs discussed Erica’s performance at the event. Many people criticized her and said her attitude was unprofessional.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 2nd of October.
Kia Ora.

What are you studying and why?

Because I think it’s very useful, ah, and in China, ah, some ... have very many social problems, such as sexual discrimination and the child can’t, ah, study in school. So I think this problem need so many people to solute (solve) it. So I think I want to study sociology.

I’m studying engineering.
Ah, because you can, like, get a good job, like, back home. Especially if you studied abroad. They pay you good back home. And there’s a lot of working places.

Ah, business.
Not really sure, to be honest, I don’t know.

Computer science.
Well, I’m doing it because I was always stuck on the computers when I was ... a young kid, so I kind of grew up with that.

I’m studying nutrition.
Because I’m interested in food and seeing how it ... ah, is used and the helps the body.

conversations with sarah
#320 What was she so pissed off about?

Step 1: Repeat Bobby’s lines.
Step 2: Read Bobby’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Bobby What was she so pissed off about?

Sarah I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows yet.

Bobby Is she always like that?

Sarah Yeah, apparently, some people said she has a reputation for being a bit of a diva.

Bobby What’s a diva?

Sarah Well the official meaning is a famous female singer. But informally, it’s used to refer to a person – usually like a famous female - who is self-centered and demanding.

Bobby Was she very famous before this?

Sarah No, I don’t think so. I hadn’t heard of her. Then again there are a lot of celebrities in Japan who I haven’t heard of.

Bobby So she might have done this on purpose.

Sarah Yeah, she might have. And some people were actually saying that on some of the TV clips I saw too.

Bobby It certainly made people talk about her.

Sarah Yeah, that’s for sure. It could be good for her career. But you never know - it could go either way.

transcript and translation
This is a trascript and translation for the questions the MC asked Sawajiri Erica (and the answers she gave) at the film premiere of Closed Note.
I wrote the translation myself. Don't agree with the translation? Please leave a comment.

MC: まずはですね、主役の堀井香恵(ほりいかえ)を演じられました、沢尻エリカさん。
MC: First, Sawajiri Erica, who played the main character Hori Kae, can you please say something to the people who have just watched this film.

エリカ様: えー、皆さん今日はありがとうございました。
Erica: Well, thank you everyone.

MC: はい、じゃあね、後ほどまたゆっくりと、お話を伺っていきたいと思います。
MC: OK, well, I’ll come back to you later.


MC: えー、まず沢尻さん、お願いします。あのー、ね、片思いの女性を演じましたけれども、すごく、あのー、等身大の女性というか、普通の女子大生だったんですけれども、あのー、ね、走っているシーンとか、ウキウキしているシーンとか、あとミートボールをね、食べてもらえなくて、持って帰って泣いてしまうシーン、まあ色んなシーンがあったと思うんですが、一番、思い入れのあるシーンというのは、どのシーンでしょうか?
MC: You played a character who experienced unrequited love, she was a really normal girl. There were many scenes, like: the running scene, the happy scene, the scene when your character gave someone meatballs but they didn’t accept them and you had to take them back home ... but what was the scene that sticks with you the most?

エリカ様: 特にないです。
Erica: None of them, really.

MC: 無いですか? 無いですか? あー、全部思い入れがあるって事ですかね、逆に言うと。 思い入れ。
MC: None? None? Oh, so they must have all had such an impact that you can’t chose, if you think about it that way.


MC: 沢尻さんは、その300ロールの時にどんな思いでクッキーを焼いたのかだけ、ちょっと教えていただいてもいいですか?
MC: Sawajiri-san, can you tell us what you were feeling when you made the cookies that time during the 300 roll?

エリカ様: 別に。
Erica: I didn’t really feel anything.

MC: 分かりました。 えへへ。 分かりました、ありがとうございます。ね、きっと、思いはあったんだと思うんですが、今ちょっとココではね、皆さんには披露したくないのかも知れない・・・心の中にちょっと秘めておきたいのかなと、はい、ありがとうございました。
MC: OK. Well, OK, thank you. Well, I think you must have felt something, but maybe you don’t want to tell everyone right now. Maybe you want to keep it to yourself right now. Thank you.


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