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Show 509 Monday 24 September

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we scored an interview with the president!
Kyle is the president of the Acadia Students’ Union. And he’s also a student, so the first question I asked him was:

What are you studying?

I’m a French major, doing a minor in political science and math.


Kia Ora in Stick News today, Virgin Mobile is being sued after they used a photo of a 16-year-old girl in an ad campaign, without asking for her permission.

Virgin Mobile Australia is a mobile phone company based in Sydney, Australia.
Their latest national advertising campaign is called 'Are You With Us Or What?'
For the campaign, they used images from Flickr, without asking for permission from the people in the photos.
One image was of a 16-year-old girl from Texas.
The photo was taken by an acquaintance, who then posted it on his Flickr page. He chose a Creative Commons license that allows others to use the photo, if they credit the photographer.
The ad features the photo of the girl doing a peace sign, with one of the campaign slogans, “Dump your pen friend”.

In the lawsuit, the girl’s family says the experience damaged her reputation, exposed her to ridicule from her peers and scrutiny from people who can now Google her.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 24th of September.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#314 How did you win the election?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Kyle.

Sarah Why did you decide to run for president?

Kyle Um, I guess a lot of it had to do with, ah, the fact that I’m, I’m pretty passionate about the student body here and about Acadia University itself. And, ah, I had been a president in one of the residences and I just figured that I could take a lot of things to like a higher level. So that’s why I did it.

Sarah How did you win the election?

Kyle Um, a two week campaign. Um, we did a lot of posters, a lot of signage.
A lot of just talking to general people and trying to get them, you know, excited about what we, what we had to offer. Um, I ran with two different people, so it was kind of like a slate. Um, but ah yeah, it was basically just a lot of really mad campaigning and ah, a lot of sleepless nights and ah, we went from there.

Sarah What does your job involve?

Kyle Basically, as a president of the organization I oversee all the services that the union provides. I oversee the executive. Um, but I am responsible to the student body at large. So, I’m kind of the bottom of the food chain. Um, so, I’m directed by the students as to what they want me to do. Um, but I also represent the union to national government, provincial governments, ah, to the administration.

Sarah Do you enjoy the job?

Kyle Love it. Every minute of it. I mean some days can be pretty stressful and I’ll go home and I’ll just be, “Oh, why did I even try to do this.” But then an hour later you’ll realize just like how awesome it was and how much of a, you know, an effect you had on the general student body just in that day.

Sarah What do you most enjoy about it?

Kyle Um, the interaction with people. I’m a people person so I love being able to chat and talk with people. So, getting to meet new people on a daily basis is really neat. And, ah, also ah, you know, being able to kind of connect yourself with alumni and the board of governors and those people are really neat to, you know, to be able to engage yourself with every day.

Sarah What are the issues that students most complain about?

Kyle Right now, it’s obviously faculty negotiations. Ah, that’s something that we hearing a lot of and something we’re campaigning about right now, trying to build awareness on. Um, there’s not really many other issues at this time. It’s so early in the year, so it’s really hard to gauge what the issues are going to be. Ah, but typically during the year, I mean, there aren’t really many complaints heard. It’s usually it’s just like an individual having, you know, one issue with something that can be taken care of pretty quick.

Sarah What would you most like to improve at Acadia?

Kyle Um, communication. And that was something that we set out in our goals in our campaign was that we wanted to communicate better and, you know, invent new ways of doing so.
So, I mean, we started, you know, with a big blitz with Facebook this year obviously that’s the big thing. Ah, podcasting, videocasts. Um, I mean this week we have a general meeting of the student body. Which we can get 140 people to go to. So that’s a huge thing. Really getting all the students involved this year and that was something we really wanted to do.

Sarah Do you want to be a politician?

Kyle Um, it’s lurked in my mind. A couple of times. Ah, I don’t really know if it’s something that ... I more or less want to be a teacher, that’s kind of what I’m going for. But if the opportunity ever presented itself, I’d sure take it up.


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Kyle Steele
- president of the Acadia Students' Union


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