Friday, September 07, 2007

Show 491 Thursday 6 September

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Today we're leaving Nelson, so I thought I'd show you some random things in Nelson before we go.
So this a pretty lake.
A plane.
A bridge.
This is a streetcar. We call them trams in New Zealand.
Check this out. Streetcar is one word here and here. And two words here.
Here are some boys playing Canadian tennis.
And this is me doing a citizenstand.
These are some ducks or geese or something by the lake.
Here they are again.
Yeah, they look more like geese than ducks.
And a dog chasing them.
A boat.
Another one.
Another duck.
The Wednesday markets in Nelson.
Nelson Curling Club in inverted commas. I wonder what it really is ... mmm must be something dodgy.
Blue skies.
I love Nelson.
A book shop.
How to drink beer and save the world. Sounds good.
This looks like a face.
Some billboards outside of Nelson. First this one used to say: grow a brain. Now it says: my life. I wonder what it’s going to say next.
Some clouds. Cool eh.
Some fish on a fence.
This is me walk past a pile of rocks. There are rock sculptures everywhere in Nelson.
Potatoes. We dug up all the potatoes.
Mmm delicious roast vegetables and wine.

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