Sunday, October 15, 2006

#165 Ohagi

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#23 Ohagi

I love Japanese sweets. I usually buy them from the supermarket. But I thought I’d try making some.

I decided on ohagi because it seemed like it would be the easiest.

Ohagi is basically rice, covered with beans and sugar.
The rice inside is sticky – about halfway between onigiri and mochi.
I followed a recipe which I found on the net.

First I washed the beans.
Then I put them in a pot with some water.
And I turned on the gas.
When it started boiling I tipped out the water and put fresh water in the pot and did the same thing.
I did this three times.
Then I boiled the beans over a low heat until they were soft.

Then added sugar, a bit of salt and then I crushed the beans with this rice spoon ... until they became anko.

As for the rice. I used 80 percent mochi rice and 20 percent regular rice.
Mochi rice is sticker than regular rice.
When the rice was cooked I crushed it with a rice spoon, then made it into balls.

I used plastic wrap to attach the anko to the outside of the rice.

It was trial and error so the shapes and sizes were irregular.
But they didn’t look too bad for a first attempt.


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