Saturday, October 07, 2006

Show 157 Saturday 7 October

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You might recognize some of these places if you have ever been sightseeing in Tokyo. This is the second book I made, after Perci the Persimmon. This is a true story. (Except for the part about the grapefruit being the tour guide). The photos were taken in April 2004. And Mr G really did go to all those places ... the photos haven’t been altered at all.

These questions are all very useful structures for English conversation. So please practice them and then ask someone in English about their weekend : )

Hey Mr G.
How was your weekend?
It was pretty good.
What did you get up to?
I took my friend Robbo sightseeing around Tokyo.
Oh yeah. Where did you go?
First we went to Asakusa.
Did you buy any souvenirs?
Yes, we bought some Japanese snacks, called “kaminari okoshi”.
Where else did you go?
We took the ferry to Odaiba.
Was that the first time you’d taken that ferry?
Yeah, it was.
Was Odaiba crowded?
No, not really, because it was a weekday.
What did you do there?
We drank some beer.

Music on the show used with permission from
Artist: NeXuS
Album: Trance Planet
Track: Galactyka
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matt said...

You have written books?

matt said...

You have written books?

sarah said...

Yeah, just two simple books. I printed them myself and took them to a design show (Design Festa in Tokyo) and sold a few. And I use them in my English lessons.