Monday, September 11, 2006

#130 Shiso Tempura

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#18 Shiso tempura

This is shiso.
It’s a kind of herb.
It’s used a lot in Japan, in many different ways.
One thing you can make with shiso is tempura.
The other day I tried making shiso tempura.

First, I washed the shiso.
Then, I made the batter.

I almost never measure anything when I cook, so I just put a random amount of flour in the bowl.
Poured some soymilk in. And mixed with a fork.
Put some more soymilk in. Mixed it some more.
Bit more liquid.
More mixing.
Mmm that’s about right.

Then I tried dipping the shiso in batter. But it didn’t work. So I put some water in.
Mixed some more.
And tried again.
This time the batter actually stuck to the leaf. Good.

The first one came out a bit of a strange shape. But they got better as I progressed.


Artist: Manuzik
Album: Nouvelle Shortstories
Track: Pseudauthentique
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