Monday, July 10, 2006

Show 99 Monday 10 July

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World Cup Special #2
The Final

I went to Shibuya to watch the final.
I caught the last train and arrived in Shibuya at 1am.
It was raining.
I went to a sports bar to watch the game.
The game started at 3am.
After a few minutes, France got a penalty. And they scored.
13 minutes later, Italy scored.
At half time, the score was 1 all.
At full time the score was 1 all.
They played 30 minutes of extra time.
10 minutes before the end of extra time, Zidane was sent off for head butting an Italian player.
At the end of extra time, the score was still 1 all.
They had a penalty shootout.
Italy won.
We left the bar at 6am.
And walked to the station.
Then we went home.

This show was too long, so I had to cut it in half.

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