Sunday, April 23, 2006

Show 21 Sunday 23 April

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Sunday Kitchen 3: How to make a banana smoothie.

To make a banana smoothie you need: A banana.
It’s better to use one that’s going brown, because they’re sweeter.

And you need some soymilk.
This is the kind that I buy and I like it because it doesn’t have any sugar in it or other mysterious ingredients. It just has beans. And it’s organic, and I like the package. And it tastes good.

You need a blender. It has to be a princess blender. No, I’m kidding. But I do like this princess blender.

And you need a glass.

First, peel the banana.

Then, put it in the blender.

Pour some soymilk in the blender.

Put a bit of water in, so it’s not too thick.

Put the lid on the blender.

Turn the blender on.

Turn the blender off.

Take the lid off.

Pour it into a glass.


Mahdi said...

Hi Sarah
How are you?
First: I'd like thank you for this job.
Secound: Show 21 doesn't have a youtube video please upload that.
Best Regards.

The Daily English Show said...

Hi Mahdi,
Thank you so much for your comment. The video that I linked to was on Crackle - that site isn't working well at the moment and I think they deleted all my old videos :(
So I changed the link to the YouTube video.
Thanks again!